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New music

Our new album, GARBAGE ISLAND, will be released in 2022 on You've Changed (North America) and BB*Island (Europe).

Stay tuned for more details and, in the meantime, please enjoy the first singles below. 

bird queen of garbage island
video by Graeme patterson



Nigel The Gannet
Video by Ariel Sharratt

Nigel The Gannet
SIDE SCROLLING VIDEO GAME by Jake Nicoll w/ graphics by Ariel Sharratt

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The Burning Hell is the ongoing musical project of songwriter Mathias Kom and multi-instrumentalists Ariel Sharratt and Jake Nicoll, often including additional comrades and collaborators. Their densely populated genre-shifting songs are packed with an abundance of literary, historical, cultural, and pop-cultural forebears, heroes and villains, subjects and objects, stories and hooks. They move with heavy rhyme and a light step, incorporating a frequent fixation on apocalypse and ruin into work that celebrates participation in a mutually created, ever surprising, delightful, and even occasionally beautiful world. Which is to say they’re good dance partners and they want to dance with you. 

The Burning Hell are DIY in the best possible sense—underlining the “Do”—their albums and singles manifesting from the edges of the music industry as collaborations with independent labels and publishers, and their years of touring forming connections person by person, show by show, in town after town. They’ve famously ventured to every out-of-the-way island and inland neglected by the less adventurous, emphasizing presence and connection across latitudes, longitudes, and time, affirming a commitment to the political power of sharing music. It is a profoundly optimistic gesture, by way of killer tunes, exuberant hooks, and joyful live performances.

'Garbage Island,' The Burning Hell's newest album, will be released on June 24 2022 on You've Changed Records in North America and BB*Island everywhere else.

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garbage island
(COMING JUNE 24, 2022)



PEOPLE (2013/2014)

For more information on The Burning Hell's music, including full lyrics, music videos, and a complete listing of all releases, please see the DISCOGRAPHY page.


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